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Transforming Lives Through Transportation - The Joseph Project

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The Joseph Project serves the Milwaukee job seeker by offering a week-long job training boot camp and connecting job-seekers to employment opportunities outside the city. The week-long class teaches critical soft skills key to employment success, including financial management, conflict resolution, stress management, spiritual fitness, goal setting, time management, and interview skills.

Founded in 2015, the Joseph Project has grown quickly. To date, 182 participants have completed the program, 115 have secured jobs, and 88 are still working. With an astounding 70+ percent job retention rate, the Joseph Project is witnessing the power of stable employment to restore dignity and impact an entire family. The transformational impact of the program has led participants to develop a sense of ownership over the Joseph Project, ensuring the growing employment network is sustainable and successful. Many employees continue using Joseph Project shuttles to maintain the unique sense of community fostered by the program.

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