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This National Nonprofit Day, Let’s Combine American Generosity with American Opportunity

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America is known as the land of opportunity, but a better title might be the land of generosity. In 2017, Americans gave away an astounding $410 billion – 2.1% of our GDP. This generosity fuels a robust nonprofit sector, with more than 1.5 million organizations working to promote social, economic, and cultural transformation. National Nonprofit Day, held every August 17th, celebrates the accomplishments of this sector.

Despite this generosity, however, millions keep falling through the cracks. The Census Bureau reports that 12.3% of Americans live in poverty, unable to cover basic expenses and falling deeper into despair. Often, this is due to cycles of generational poverty brought about by barriers that keep families and communities from realizing all they can be.

It’s our job to close this gap between American generosity and American opportunity. We’ve searched the country and vetted more than 2,000 nonprofits to find 156 of the most effective social entrepreneur-led nonprofits in the U.S. We are now partnering with them to help them grow, scale and deepen their impact in communities around the country. We specifically look for bottom-up, community-driven solutions where people who have personal experience with the problem are helping to drive the solutions, as opposed to bureaucrats and experts making top-down decisions. The result is a wide-ranging, dynamic group of organizations that are disrupting the nonprofit sector through the power of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Today and every day we are we are honored to work with them and excited to see how they will continue to change lives.

But, they can’t do it alone – and neither can we. That’s why this National Nonprofit Day, we’re calling on people all around the country to take a stand against poverty through our Giving Together Initiative. The initiative connects everyday people who want to make a difference with nonprofits whose missions matches their own passions and provides them with opportunities to connect. Parents and teachers, for instance, will find nonprofits like Education Opens Doors, that increases exposure to college access and knowledge for all middle school students. Or Row New York, that empowers youth through academic support and athletics. Business owners can support nonprofits like Cara, a group working to build the skills and confidence needed to not only obtain quality jobs, but excel in them.

No matter your interests, experience or resources, you can have an impact by supporting our partner organizations. And Stand Together Foundation will double that impact - every gift up to $1,000 will be matched through the end of 2019. In fact, we’re committed to giving away $10 million in matches through 2019, but we need your help to get there.

National Nonprofit Day is an ideal opportunity to celebrate all that innovative Americans are doing to help their neighbors in need and join in the mission to break the cycle of poverty for good. Learn more about how to get involved at standtogetheragainstpoverty.org.

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