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The Undiscovered Path

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This couple had an ordinary life until a sudden event set them on an unexpected path to impact their community.

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Jim and Melinda Hollandsworth had a built a wonderful life, nestled in a safe neighborhood. While they found comfort in familiarity, they knew that there had to be more to their purpose. They yearned to help members of their community but didn’t know where to start. All of that changed when this couple volunteered to simply deliver Christmas presents to a family living in a nearby mobile home community. Little did they anticipate that what happened next would change not only their lives, but the lives of an entire community for generations to come.

"If we give ourselves to others, it creates meaningful relationships. It creates opportunity for things to happen that never happen by living in a safe little bubble." - Jim Hollandsworth

Through the events that transpired, the Path Project was born. Jim and Melinda’s efforts have empowered kids academically and increased high school graduation rates in the community by 50%.

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