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Although there are many challenges that result from mental health conditions and substance abuse, few are as painful and as pernicious as isolation. Unlike many physical conditions, there’s often no telltale sign of mental illness, meaning that millions across the nation suffer in silence. And the aberrant, self-destructive behaviors of substance abuse isolate sufferers from their friends and family, leaving them in a downward spiral of addiction and loneliness.

Recognizing this reality, the organizations we’re introducing to you this week all share an emphasis on community. By striving to connect individuals who suffer from mental health conditions and/or addiction with a broader network of peers and professionals, they equip them to live lives of sobriety and self-sufficiency.

This week, we announced a total investment of $3.5 million in the following organizations:

Face It Together

Located in Denver, Colorado, Face It Together is an evidence-based nonprofit that works with individuals and employers to provide tailored peer coaching to people struggling with substance abuse. Their unique approach includes working with employers to help reduce stigma and using science through their innovative Recovery Capital Index to track key milestones in a person’s recovery journey.

Stand Together Foundation will partner with Face it Together to help them achieve deeper impact in Denver by getting dramatically more people with drug and alcohol addiction and their loved ones well.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a nationwide, fitness-based nonprofit that offers a free sober, active community to individuals who have suffered from a substance use disorder and to those who choose a sober life. Using a peer support model, they help members heal and rebuild their lives while also striving to eliminate stigma around recovery.

Stand Together Foundation continues to work with The Phoenix to help them build capabilities and infrastructure for long-term sustainability and growth and increase national awareness through strategic partnerships in local communities.

These are just two of the 100-plus organizations Stand Together Foundation partners with to transform lives and communities around the country. We’re excited to share more of our Catalysts’ stories with you this month as we continue to roll out investment decisions – stick with us by signing up for updates here and joining the National Poverty Awareness Conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

Want to support one of these or other Catalysts? There are lots of ways you can get involved – visit standtogetheragainstpoverty.org to find out how.

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