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Struggling to Find Top-Notch Volunteers? Check Out Catchafire.

America is a nation of individuals who often volunteer their time and talents to causes they care about. In fact, the Corporation for National and Community Service found that in 2018, nearly a third of American adults had volunteered, for a combined total of 6.9 billion hours.

What’s more, the nature of volunteer work is changing. Increasingly, Americans are realizing that they can use their skills and talents on behalf of causes they’re passionate about. Whether it’s salesforce data customization, website audits, or graphic design, skilled volunteers are stepping up to help social enterprises and nonprofits meet critical business needs and amplify their impact.

Catchafire Ignites Our Catalysts

For many of your peers in the Catalyst Community, this trend has been a game-changer. Through Stand Together Foundation’s Needs and Offers Marketplace, powered by Catchafire, they’ve been able to find killed volunteers whose talent and creativity bring fresh perspective and critical skills while helping to advance their mission. To date, 36 Catalysts have utilized Catchafire, collectively saving more than $500,000.

Positive Tomorrows, member of Cohort 5 of the Catalyst Program, was matched with Daniel, a certified Salesforce administrator. Prior to their pro-bono partnership, Positive Tomorrows knew their work was having an impact, yet was struggling to quantify it. By leveraging Daniel’s skills, Positive Tomorrows was able to create yearly and monthly data reports capturing how their programming was transforming lives, helping them better understand their outcomes and saving more than $78,000.

Kelly, director of Family Support at Positive Tomorrows, shared, “Daniel helped us develop a flow, utilizing data collected from pre-existing code. Daniel did more than great report optimization; he collaborated with me and offered fantastic insights as a consultant. Daniel is the type of critical thinker and hard worker who leaves no stone unturned when seeking a solution. I would highly recommend him for any future project.”

Lindsey, executive assistant at The Other Side Academy, another Cohort 5 member, has found partnerships for four different projects through Catchafire related to data base management and marketing, saving her organization more than $25,000 and expanding her organization’s network.

“Catchafire has been great!” she said. “We have matched on four different projects, and I’ve been very happy with the results. The volunteers were all very skilled professionals and have been gracious and helpful. We have developed ongoing mutually beneficial relationships with a couple of them.”

Skilled volunteers are invaluable resources and can help fill a gap or need you may be experiencing, so full access to the Catchafire Needs and Offers Marketplace is available at no cost to all organizations that complete the Catalyst Program.

How It Works

These volunteers can take on a wide array of projects, ranging from high-level issues like organizational direction and strategy to more local, granular concerns like materials design and annual report writing. Anyone within the organization - including volunteers or staff - can post a project or have a simple one-hour phone call, and be matched with the right volunteers. Volunteers must apply to the projects they’re interested in, submitting a resume and portfolio and interviewing with potential match organizations.

This puts the power in your hands, enabling you to identify the pro-bono professionals whose skills are best suited to their core vision and values. It’s a win-win situation: Volunteers are able to use their skills in a unqiue way that could make a bigger impact, and you and your staff are able to focus your energy where it’s needed most. Additionally, Stand Together Foundation offers webinars that train anyone from your teamon how to maximize Catchafire’s services and capabilities.

If you haven’t yet, you should try Catchafire. Our nation is ripe with talented volunteers who are ready and willing to join your work to break the cycle of poverty.

For more information on Catchafire, visit standtogetherfoundation.catchafire.org or contact Madeline Baker at mbaker@standtogether.org.

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